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Our Vineyards


Bernard’s Cabernet Sauvignon Block

Our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard was planted in 2000 and is exclusively planted to Clone 7.  Clone 7 produces small berries and loose clusters that are perfect for producing world class Cabernet.  The vines are tightly spaced and run east to west on the entrance to our property.  Calcareous soils run though our estate vineyard including this 3-acre portion.  The flavors that come from this are intense dark fruits with great tannins.


Northside Zinfandel Block

This Zinfandel vineyard makes the shape of a crescent moon facing toward the north.  It was planted in 2000 to a mysterious clone of Zinfandel that we absolutely love.  All head-trained, it produces Zinfandel with incredible balance of big fruit and lively acidity with tons of Zinfandel spice. The Northside Vineyard is a little over 3 acres, producing around 2 tons per acre.


Southside Zinfandel Block

The Zinfandel on this all south-facing vineyard was planted in the Spring of 2014.  It is planted to two Heritage clones that are from two of the oldest vineyards in California.  One dates back to the 1880’s and the other dates back to the 1890’s.  Trying to achieve the old vine zinfandel flavors, we chose to head train all of these vines in hopes of replicating these original vineyards.  We are looking forward to this block producing a very intense Zinfandel with lots of black cherry and berry flavors.  


Petite Petit Verdot Block

Our Petit Verdot planting is the most petite of our vineyard blocks at .75 acres but we are hoping it will produce the biggest bang.  It is situated on the eastern most portion of the steepest hillside and faces North and East.  We chose the Bordeaux Clone 200 for this site and planted it in the spring of 2014.   Our plan is to blend a bit of this wine into our Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and always leave a small amount separate for a stand alone Petit Verdot.


Dante Dusi Vineyard

Located in the Templeton Gap, the Dante Dusi Vineyard is one of the most sought after Zinfandel Vineyards on the Central Coast. Planted in 1945, the “Dusi” Zinfandel fruit is famous for its rich texture and delectable fruit. The vines are head trained and dry farmed on well-drained alluvial soil.


Greengate Vineyard

Greengate Vineyard is an 88 acre vineyard located in Edna Valley and planted in April of 2013.  With moderate sunshine, cool maritime fog, and rich oceanic and volcanic soils, the Edna Valley appellation has California’s longest growing season. The valley is kept cool by breezes from the Pacific Ocean and morning fog. The extended growing season gives complex flavors to the grapes.


White Hawk

White Hawk Vineyard in located in Santa Barbara County on the southern facing slope of Cat Canyon about 21 miles from the Pacific Ocean.  The marine influence causes early morning fog that envelopes the site before giving way to bright, warm sun.  It’s planted at an elevation of almost 900 feet on ancient pure sand dunes, immediately draining off water and nutrients which forces the vines to work extra-hard to survive.  The yields at White Hawk are miniscule and the berries intense and slow to ripen.